This is a one-on-one day with an objective job coach.  The job coach focuses on observing the employee’s work style, approach, communications and habits.  The job coach will identify areas where the employee can sharpen their leadership skills so that they can continue in growth and adding value to their organization.  The job coaching day consists of observation, assessment and feedback.  The employee is observed as they go about their normal day’s activities and interactions.    Midday, the coach will have a discussion with the employee and share the morning’s observations and feedback along with assignments to perform in the afternoon.  The assignments are designed to bring about improvement in the employee’s leadership skills. Also, coaching assessment forms are given to two employees (anonymously) that work closely with the employee being observed.

Benefits of Job Coaching:

  • Having an objective third party to observe and give feedback promotes honesty. Complete honesty may be difficult with an internal mentor, especially if a sensitive issue needs to be worked out
  • The employee is given real-time feedback at their own workplace and current position. This is a very effective and customized way to use coaching to excel
  • The coach is truthful, and provides feedback that can lead to significant changes in behavior. These changes can catapult a manager or leader over hurdles and lead them to further success.
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