Work Strategies, LLC

We provide bilingual Human Resources training.  With over 30 years of experience, we’re ready to tackle your toughest HR issues.

All of our training sessions are interactive and use common work place situations as learning opportunities.  The information presented is relevant, interesting and promotes positive change.  Investing in training for your supervisors, managers and employees can significantly increase productivity and morale as well as decrease your liability from incorrect actions and decisions.  Our training consistently receives excellent evaluations from participants.  We provide quality onsite training in English and Spanish.


Providing leadership training to your supervisors and managers is a wise investment for companies who value productivity and excellence in their workforce.  These classes are relevant to the workplace and are highly engaging and interactive.

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Workplace harassment is a rising concern across nearly every industry today. Prepare your employees to identify, prevent, and report workplace harassment through our Workplace Harassment training series. Classes available for training employees and supervisors, in English or Spanish.

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When an employee steps out of line, it’s not always easy to find the root of the issue and take corrective measures. We can help get to the bottom of the problem before the situation worsens. Our bilingual services ensure that both English- and Spanish-speaking personnel can clearly communicate to solve the issue.

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