We strive to provide quality engagement and education in our classes. We measure our success by the feedback from our clients.

Monson Fruit Company

On behalf of Monson supervisors, orchard managers and department leads, I would like to thank you for the remarkable job in the Workplace Harassment and Leadership classes. There is positive feedback from the attendees; I can see how in their day-to-day actions they’re putting into practice what they’ve learned. The only regret is that we did not do this sooner.
Zenaida Martinez - HR Manager, Monson Fruit Company


Ermelindo has represented Vigilant well. He has been diligent to understand his audience before he steps up to train. This has allowed him to engage leaders at many levels. His personality and straight-forward approach wins the audience right away. He is also able to adapt based on the needs of the client. The feedback we’ve received is that Ermelindo’s classes are informative, thought provoking and fun.
Valerie Pyle, PMP - Training and Event Coordinator, Vigilant

Natural Selection Farms Inc.

For two full days, Ermelindo had us captivated and involved. Keep in mind, these are individuals who are not normally in an office environment. Each and every one of us walked away with a new understanding and respect for who we are, why we function as we do and what it takes to work with one another… He is a seasoned veteran, easily able to answer the tough questions our discussions generated.
Pamela S. Durfey - Owner, Natural Selection Farms, Inc.

Valley Fruit

Ermelindo formed a connection with all of the training participants & made them feel comfortable. I enjoyed watching our folks get involved in all of the discussions and class exercises. I have not seen my employees have that level of interest and participation in training before. I appreciated Ermelindo’s thoroughness in answering our employees’ questions about relevant workplace situations. I highly recommend Work Strategies’ training and other resources that he offers.
Scott Jacky - General Manager, Valley Fruit